17 Jun '14


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450-pound man hide drugs in his stomach fat

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Florida deputies say 450-pound man tried hiding drugs in his stomach fat

Last Friday, Christopher Mitchell and his associate, Keithian Roberts, were pulled over by deputies from the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office in Osteen, Florida. Deputies had pulled the two over because Mr. Mitchell was not wearing a seat belt. Mr. Mitchell, a man of considerable size at 450 pounds, explained he was not buckled in because he was too big to fit the seat belt around his body. However, the deputies felt that Mr. Mitchell and Mr. Roberts seemed rather nervous, and so they called for a K-9 to sniff for drugs. As WKMG Local 6 News reports, the dog did find drugs…but in an unusual location.

WFTV Channel 9 writes that, “the dog quickly alerted deputies to the presence of drugs.” It turned out that Mr. Mitchell had stuffed marijuana underneath a roll of his stomach fat. Also found in the car – cocaine, a handgun, and $7,000 cash in a tube sock. Mr. Mitchell was charged with possession of marijuana and cited for not wearing his seat belt. Mr. Roberts was charged with possession of cocaine. Both men were arrested and taken to Volusia County Jail.

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