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Alan, Economic Massiah!

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ALAN alann

It is often said that every generation brings forth its
type of leadership. In the pre-colonial era for instance,
the Gold Coasters were yearning for a leadership that
could fight against colonial rule in order to gain
independence for the people.

Then emerged the likes of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and Dr. J.B. Danquah. The post-colonial era witnessed political instability and thepeople expected leaders who could restore democracy,protect fundamental human rights, and promote rule of law. Rawlings came to restore stability in the political leadership by preventing further military take-overs.

However, in recent past, especially after the inception
of the 4th Republic, Ghanaians have been looking for a
practical economist, and a transformational leader,
who has the international clout to solve the myriad of
problems confronting Ghana, and lead her to the path
of economic independence. Former president Kufuor
came with such innovations as free maternal care,
national health insurance scheme, national youth
employment programme among others.

Unfortunately,the above-mentioned programmes could not be sustained by the Mills-Mahama leadership. It appears Ghana has trailing behind economic development by 20 years. This bleak situation therefore calls for the
intervention of a transformational and exceptional
leader, who has the experience, knowledge,
international clout, and vision to fix the rot and propel
Ghana on the right economic path.

I stronglybelieves that Alan Kyerematen fits the bill by virtue of his rich private and public life over the years.

• Knowledge, it is often said, is power. There is no
doubt that Alan is a very knowledgeable person. He
was only 9 years old when he entered Adisadel
College. As a brilliant guy, Alan proceeded to the
University of Ghana, Legon for a degree in economics,
and later, for his LLB. He therefore comes into this
election not only as a lawyer, but also a businessman,
diplomat, and more importantly, practical economist.

• Secondly, at age 58 years as we speak now, Alan
undoubtably acts as a bridge between the young and
the old. Alan could therefore be sworn in as president
in 2017 at age 61, which is almost the same age as
then Prez Kufuor.

• Thirdly, Alan has vast experience in management.
For instance, at age 22 years, he became the Manager
of UAC Ghana Ltd, a subsidiary of Unilever
International, and was also appointed by the UNDP as
the first Regional Director of ENTERPRISE AFRICA, and
a founder of EMPRETEC.

• Again, between 1984 and 1990, Alan became the
Principal Consultant and Head of Public Systems
Management with the Management Development and
Productivity Institute (MDPI).

• Besides, it was as a result of Alan’s depth of
knowledge and potential that the New York Time
Magazine in 1994 listed him alongside Bill Gates
(Microsoft Corporation), and John F. Kennedy Jr., as
one of the Hundred (100) Global Leaders for the new

• Furthermore, Alan has served as a trade advisor at
the UN Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) in Addis
Ababa, Ethiopia, and has headed the African Trade
Policy Centre (ATPC); a centre to strengthen the
human and institutional capacities of African
governments for sound trade policies.

• Also, Alan was designated as a Special Envoy of the
African Union to hold consultations with selected
African Heads of State prior to the 18th African Union
Summit of Heads of State and Government in January

• Interestingly, Ghana on 17th December, 2012,
nominated Alan for the post of WTO Director-General
to succeed the then current Director-General, Mr
Pascal Lamy, whose term of office was to expire on 31
August 2013.

• In 2001, Alan was nominated as an Ambassador to
the US. He used that opportunity to establish the US-
Ghana Economic Council, a high-level advocacy and
advisory group meant to deepen economic relations
and bilateral trade between Ghana and the United

• Alan coordinated Government’s re-negotiation of the
Westel agreement with Western Wireless, and Valco
Agreement with Kaiser Aluminium Company. In the end
the government of Ghana purchased VALCO at $20m
during the Kufuor regime.

• Besides, Alan coordinated and implemented the first
Investment Forum in the United States to showcase
the economic potential of each of the 10 regions of
Ghana. This has increased foreign direct investment in
the country.

• Alan established the first web-based Ghana Skills
Bank, a database designed to facilitate access to
Ghanaian professionals and experts worldwide.

• Alan initiated the Ghana Cultural Centre in the United
of States to promote the country’s culture in the US,
especially among Ghanaians living abroad.

• Alan developed an “Operation Save Your Schools
Programme” for Ghana residents in the United States
to assist their alma mater (primary/middle school)
back home.

• Alan’s negotiation skills led to the arrival of Cosmos
Energy in Ghana to discover oil in commercial
quantities. The oil find gives Ghana $2billion a month.

• Alan started the negotiation on the release of $547m
from the US government through the Millennium
Challenge Accounts (MCA) to alleviate poverty in
Ghana. The 14km George Walker Bush road is a living

Fellow delegates, the above are some of the
managerial experiences of the man, Alan Kyerematen.

In part II of the next article, I would bring forth
Alan’s contribution as a Minister of Trade, Industry,
and PSI. We will continue with his vision for the NPP
in particular, and Ghana as a whole as the campaign
gets hotter. Let’s do Ghanaians a favour by electing
Alan as the next NPP flag-bearer, for he has proven
beyond reasonable doubt that, he can do the job better
than others.


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