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Assin Manso Slave river

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Assin Manso Slave Market…..)))Assin Manso is located 40km from Cape Coast along Cape coast Kumasi highway. There are prominent signboards and visitor centre to be found on the east side of the highway as you enter the town. Trained tour guides are there to take visitors round.Assin Manso was the final link in the key slave route from Northern Ghana and was known to have been the largest slave market for merchants supplying slaves to the forts and castles on the coast.

On arrival at Assin Manso, slaves were rested, washed, sorted and allowed to recover from their arduous journey from the hinterland. The river where slaves washed is known as NDONKO NSUO meaning Slave River or Slave Water. The stopover at Assin Manso was an economic imperative by the slave trader. By cleaning, resting and recuperating his slaves for several days or weeks at Assin Manso, he could guarantee higher price upon arrival at the trading forts and castles at the coast.

Today, the site has a small community about five houses occupied by descendants of slaves left behind during the last days of the slavery. There is a visitor centre and a burial ground for slaves who died there and a secluded location at the riverbank where it is reported that slaves waiting for their turn to wash in the river were changed.

Among the other relics at Assin Manso are the ancestral graves where the mortal remains of two enslaved Africans, Madam Crystal from Jamaica and Samuel Carson from the United States of America were re-interred in 1998. There is also a portrait gallery of famous persons of the emancipation struggle process…www.ghanatcradio.com. See More

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