3 Mar '14


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akwaabaaa means welcome in twi,Ghanaian language branding Ghana culture.

Get to know Ghana with the stories of over 50000 names, ranging from the humorous to the historic. Communities included are particularly rich with an array of whimsical, descriptive, historical and aboriginal names. Perhaps because of our RICH heritage, towns and cities in Ghana come named after all manner of unlikely people, places and things, and they come in dozens of languages, all of which add interest and color to the stories behind the names… For instance, one may want to know the story behind my village in Ashanti Region, JAMASI…. Ghanaian names stand with the best.  Ghanaian communities have been named after early residents, prominent people, local incidents, former homes in other places and Ghanaian legends..IGNITE YOUR BRAND!!… www.ghanatcradio.com / 712.432.8428 TOZIAH KBD

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