22 Jan '16


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Catholic Teachers Support Bishops stand on the two detainees

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17c8e5b8f09ef31393cd757751a6caf4_XLThe Association of Catholic Teachers (ACT) in the Kumasi province have issued a statement to the media to pledge their support for the stand the Catholic Bishop Conference of Ghana have took concerning about the government position of hosting the to former detainees in the country.

The statement signed by Mr. Eric kyei, chairman of the group and mr Boakye- Baafi, maintained that the group will forever support the conference to air the views on national issues.

The statement entreated the politicians in Ghana to desist from making the issue a religious affairs between Christians and Muslims just to score a political point.
Below is the full statement :


We, the executive and the entire members of the above association, wish to thank the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ghana for their concerns and fatherly love shown to Ghanaians on the issue of the two Guantanamo Bay former inmates transferred into the country in the persons of Mahmoud Omar Mohammad Bin Atef and Khalid Shayk Mohammad.

We want to ask: was it wrong for the Bishops to express their displeasure on the happenings in the country? Why should people of low ethical values or of no common sense come out in public to insult men of high reputation? Is it the first time the Ghana Catholic Bishops’ conference have come out to share their views on national issues? We want to ask people like Koku Anyidoho, the right he has to question the integrity of our Lord Bishops?
They asked the government simple questions; what is the mission of these two inmates here in Ghana? Are they not a threat to the security of the country? Did the president seek for the approval of parliament, both the interior and defense ministries before their arrival? Please for Christ’s sake, we are not living in a military regime where only the leadership take decisions for the people in the country.
The President is accountable to the people of this country and our shepherds (Bishops) have the constitutional right to express their concerns on the bad deals happening in the country. The country is choked with bribery and corruption, loot and share in this government and when the clergy talks about it they are being insulted and tagged as spokespersons for some political parties. He even had the courage to refer to ‘the Bishops as “Pharisees in cassocks” who only recover their sense of reasoning when issues concerning the Presidency and the NDC pop up in the country’.

We want to urge the government that the country belongs to all Ghanaians and we will continue to support our Bishops to air their views on the happenings in the country. We want to inform the President , his team and other politicians that we are in an election year and we want to continue enjoying the peace, love and unity in the country. We want to tell the government spokespersons and other politicians to be mindful of their utterances, especially when addressing the clergy. They should put an end to trying to turn Christians against Muslims in the country. We have coexisted peacefully in this country all this while and we will plead with our Muslim brothers and sisters not to allow themselves to be influenced by these greedy politicians.
We want to assure the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ghana that we are solidly behind them, and we will continue to pray for them to keep on with their good works for Mother Ghana.

In conclusion, we would like to appeal to President John Mahama and the governing NDC that they should sideline their selfishness and think about the welfare of Ghanaians.
We also appeal to Parliament to take up the matter in the interest of the people they represent for peace and security in Ghana. We are suffering from high cost of petroleum products, high utility tariffs, and low salaries as Ghanaian workers. Ghana is for all and we have the right to enjoy equally.
Long live the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Ghana! Long live ACT!! Long live Ghana!!!
Thank you.
Dated 17/01/16

MR Eric Kyei (Chairman)0244133693
Mr. Boakye-Baafi (Coordinator)0208825287

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