18 Jun '14


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Celebrating Madam Theodosia Salome Okoh

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From a very humble Christian Presbyterian home, few ever dreamt that a heroine was going to emerge from the house of Rev Asihene of blessed memory, who later on became a moderator of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana. Born on the 13th of June 1922, Madam Theodosia Salome Okoh steadily progressed in her academic work and vocation as a professional teacher, with a specialization in Art, moving from school to school to teach the basics and rudiments of Art to young pupils, as well as high school students. She was involved in Textiles, Drawing, Painting and lately, Collage. Included in the photos, above, are some of her outstanding pieces, showcased in her home. She was outstanding in managing Ghana field hockey and made sure Ghana participated in the World Hockey Tournament, way back in the seventies. She is credited with the construction of the National Hockey pitch, when finding a place in Accra for that purpose seemed a no go area, because the authorities were not prepared to release a place for a hockey pitch. Her perseverance and ingenuity resulted in the construction of the National Hockey Pitch which has been named after her as “THEODOSIA OKOH NATIONAL HOCKEY STADIUM”….However She is popularly acknowledged in Ghana and outside Ghana for designing the Ghana National Flag of Red, Gold and Green with the Black Star embossed in the middle of the Gold. It is this wonderful lady of extraordinary qualities that we are celebrating on the occasion of her 92nd birthday, that was marked on the 13th of this month, June in Accra Ghana……

Credit: Victor Markin
Photo Credit: Victor Markin

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