30 Oct '14


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Yaw Ampofoh Ankrah-“My venture into politics is officially over”

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Yaw Ampofoh Ankrah….’My short and hugely fulfilling venture into politics to play a small role in my country’s development is officially over’. According to him, He has no regrets but many useful lessons. He said ‘ I realized that l can better serve the long suffering, desperate, near hopeless youth of Ghana by just going out there and talking to them as myself and not anybody’s mouthpiece. My conscience and fear of God will not allow me to continue with the status quo. I was never misled. l was never coerced. l was never blackmailed and l was never compromised by financial or material gain. l am and will continue to be an advocate for the rights of the youth. This is what l have dedicated my life to and through my multiple media platforms, this is what l will do. So help me GOD!!…… 100%….l took the political trail in the first place in order to fast track foundations and garner support for a number of communal/youth projects. I rather became a target of those who felt “threatened” by my pace in demanding certain benefits, changes and privileges for the youth.

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